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About Piskula Catering

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.
We understand these are very difficult times and that you will be extremely worried .
We are following the recommendations issued by the UK Government and have already made some immediate and major changes to support the effort to curtail the growth of the virus and create a safer environment for everyone.

Established in 2011, Piskula Catering is dedicated to providing school children with delicious school lunches. Our kitchen is based in Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School in Somerset, and we offer our quality catering service to schools, nursing homes, and private events throughout Somerset and Dorset. We provide our schools and clients with excellently prepared home cooked meals, sandwiches, cakes, and pack lunches.

We have extensive experience in providing our clients with high-quality meals that not only taste great, but have a high nutritional value as well. We have a four week menu cycle with several different meals to choose from for our school lunches, all of which are sure to leave children satisfied. We can also create a fully customised menu for your private event that is sure to suit all tastes and preferences, and that will allow you to enjoy the event with your guests knowing that we will take care of all your catering needs.

If you are looking to outsource your school’s catering, or looking for the perfect addition to your next event, contact Piskula Catering and we will get in touch to create a specifically tailored package for you.
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Our Process

We prepare all of our hot, homemade school lunches and outside catering from scratch daily in our purpose-built kitchen in Somerset. Our state-of-the-art kitchen includes ovens, refrigerators, and freezing facilities, all of which allow us to prepare a large number of meals freshly every day. Our food is cooked in metal catering-size oven trays, which are transported to schools in hot boxes to prevent any heat loss. All of the food we send out is temperature checked, and this temperature is logged to ensure that your school is provided with only the highest quality catered food.

Our Team

Our exceptional team is led by Joanna Piskula, a highly experienced chef, and dedicated caterer. Joanna studied as both a chef and a businesswoman, which has given her the skills she needed to start her own successful catering business in Somerset in 2011. Since the establishment of the business, the team has grown to include not only Joanna, but also Mary, Sam, Nicole, Minnie, Agnieszka, Monika, Sky, Catherina ,and Justyna a staff of eight hardworking caterers committed to providing quality food to children.

About Us

Since our establishment six years ago, Piskula Catering has shown superior dedication to providing school children with appetising hot school lunches. We provide our clients in Dorset and Somerset with excellently prepared home cooked meals, sandwiches, cakes, and pack lunches.

Homemade Meals

All of the meals created by our expert team of caterers are made daily. Our meals are carefully prepared in a local kitchen using only sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. We ensure that our selection of homemade meals conform to the highest health and nutritional standards.

Pack Lunches

At Piskula Catering, we offer pack lunch options as an alternative to our hot meals, or as the perfect lunch for an educational day trip. We offer a selection of choices for our pack lunches, including a sandwich, fruit, crisps, and water or juice, as well as variations on these pack lunch staples.

Our Process

All our hot school lunches are made from scratch daily to ensure that we provide quality freshness. All our meals are prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen, and are delivered to your school in Somerset or Dorset using heat boxes to ensure that every child is provided with a delightful, hot meal.